Before going through with a treatment, it is understandable that you might have questions about your treatment. We here at Novus are dedicated to making sure you are happy and comfortable with the treatment. Here are some common questions that our clients ask:

General Questions
On The Day
After The Proceedure

General Questions

FUE is specialised medical technique in which healthy hair grafts are taken from donor area on back of your head under microscopic vision and are transplanted to the bald area. It requires specialist skills and is undertaken at Novus by an expert surgeon.

The FUE is the most advanced surgical procedure which leaves virtually no scars (scars are very small, size of pin head, and can be detected only under magnification), enables you to return to work next day.

This is a modified form of the current standard FUE technique. These modifications have allowed us to develop a specific technique which reduces graft damage, transaction rates and as result of this patient gets more healthy grafts per session and ultimately excellent result. This helps to preserve grafts for any future Hair Transplant if needed. The average transaction rate at Novus is under 3 percent.

This is determined at first consultation and needs a thorough assessment by one of our experts. You can fill in the consultation form and upload your images which will give some idea about what can be done for you but a consultation is needed for full and proper assessment. We suggest you fill in the form online or contact our office.

This will depend on the degree of hair loss you have and this can be assessed at consultation. Please fill in this form

The FUE procedure can be broadly divided in to three stages. Preoperative, Intraoperative and Post-operative. All three stages have their specific requirements and this will be explained in detail when you decide to proceed with surgery.

We will go through what to and what not to do at your first consultation and once you decide to proceed will give you specific instructions. Generally, if you are not on any regular medications then the preoperative instruction is very simple. If you are on any medications then we will go through them and advise you accordingly.

This depends on the type, quality and density of hairs. Our team at Novus can do up to 2500 FUE grafts in a day. Although more can be done, we do not advise patients to go for more than this in the best interests of the patient.

In some cases where the requirement is for a large number of grafts and if there is enough hair in the donor area, we can undertake large cases over two days. This will vary for each patient and it depends on many factors including patient needs, density, and quality of hairs.

If you are taking any regular or short term medications you need to let us know during the initial questionnaire you submit. Some of the medications need to be stopped or changed in order to perform the procedure, and it is very important that you give us this information.

Generally, you do not need to take any specific medications for a procedure. On the day of the procedure we may give you mild sedation and pain relief. We do advise that you should not take ibuprofen or aspirin for one week before surgery. We will provide more information on what to do regarding medication after your initial consultation.

We advise that you avoid spicy food, like garlic, and stop smoking a week before surgery. We also advise that you don’t drink alcohol for a week prior to surgery. We suggest that no over-the-counter vitamin supplements be taken for at least two weeks before surgery.

If you are taking any blood thinning tablets or injections then you must let us know. we will give specific advice for each patient regarding this.

Generally, the procedure can be performed if you are stable but this will depend upon your medical history and we will advise you specifically for each medical condition you may have. Please ensure that you give us your full medical history at your first consultation.

On The Day Of The Procedure

It is best if you get a good nights sleep before the procedure. You can have a good breakfast but no coffee. You can also use shampoo on the day but do not apply gel. You should let your hair grow out for 3 weeks before the procedure.

This is one of the safest procedures from a medical point of view and you should try and relax as much as you can. We will also give you a mild sedative before surgery.

Unfortunately, a needle is required to perform the operation. However, the needle used is very thin and after initial injections the area becomes numb and you won’t feel anything. We can apply topical numbing cream to ease the discomfort.

There is no specific dress requirement, as you will be given a comfortable patient gown to wear before the procedure.

Once you arrive you will have a consultation with the doctor and will be introduced to a team. We will give you a consent form and issue you with the relevant medication. We will then proceed to trim your hairs. Once you have taken your medications and had your hair trimmed you will be taken to the procedure.

At Novus, all surgeries are done by GMC registered and qualified hair transplant surgeons assisted by experienced and able hair technicians.

You will be awake during the whole procedure but the area of operation will be numb because of local anesthetic.

You will be given a 10 minute break each hour but you can request the break whenever you feel you really need it.

After The Procedure

After the procedure, the donor area of your head will be dressed. As a result of the anesthetic, you will feel as if your head is being pushed down on, but this is completely normal and it will wear off over the next few days.

We advise all patients not to drive for at least 48 hours after the procedure.

Yes, you can, provided you adhere to the post procedure instructions strictly.

You will be given a post procedure care bag which will contain all the things that you need for your immediate post procedure care. At the time of discharge, we will give you emergency contact details.

Yes, we will arrange the follow-up appointment before you leave after your surgery.

The donor and recipient area will feel sore but this is only temporary and most patients feel a lot better once the healing process begins.

You may feel numb and sore once the anesthetic wears off but this is often controlled by simple analgesics which we can give to you before discharge.

You can call the Emergency number provided and we will advise the best option for you at the time of the call.

Avoid spicy food, garlic and coffee for 3 days. We advise you also don’t smoke during this period.

Not unless we have advised you to do so. We advise not to use Minoxidil for at least 2 months following the procedure.

In the initial period, up to 3-4 months after the procedure you may see that you have shed hairs but don’t worry. This is expected and completely normal pattern, and soon after that you will start growing hairs from 4 months onwards.

While infection is feasible, if proper precautions are taken then chances of infection are extremely low.

In the case of FUE, you can go back to work on the 3rd day after your procedure, especially if you are office based. Any type of work where you are mobile and involves manual work, however, we advise 7 days’ compulsory time off for the wound to be allowed to heal.