Eyelash Transplants

In the modern day, eyelashes have become an increasingly important aesthetic feature and both men women all over the world look to enhance them or replace damaged or lost ones. At the Novas Clinic, we have surgeons that focus on micro hair surgery including eyelash transplants that can create the thicker and fuller eyelashes that you always wanted though a simple minimally invasive surgical procedure called an eyelash transplant.

Results are perfectly natural as your own hair is used for the procedure. However, as the donor hair is taken from your head, it won’t stop growing, meaning that, unlike original eyelashes, the replacement hairs will have to be carefully trimmed.

Hairs are harvested from the back of the scalp under local anaesthesia, and then carefully implanted one by one into the eyelash area to fill into the existing eyelashes and in some cases, completely re-build eyelashes where the client had none before.

Why have an eyelash transplant?

Like general hair transplant surgery, eyelash surgery can be required because of a number of reasons, including:

Physical trauma-facial injury and scarring resulting from events such as road accidents, industrial accidents, thermal and chemical burns, tattoos on the eyelid – together with traction alopecia associated with the common use of false eyelashes.

Medical and surgical treatments. Surgical treatment of injury or tumour that results in the removal of eyelash follicles and tissue scarring; radiotherapy or chemotherapy for cancer that results in loss of hair.

Compulsive plucking of eyelashes and other body hair – termed Trichotillomania.

You may have damaged your eyelashes permanently during your beauty routine, possibly by accidentally ripping them out when removing false eyelashes or by over-plucking

Fashion dictates to a large degree the way people use their eyelashes in conjunction with their fashion choices. There is a range of cosmetic aids that can help eyelashes appear longer, thicker or of a different colour.

The Eyelash Transplant

The procedure is safe, permanent and natural looking as actual hairs for your own scalp are used to create the results that you want.

An area of the scalp in the back of the head is numbed with a local anaesthetic. The grafts are then one-by-one implanted into the upper eyelid by the surgeon by threading with a curved needle. The procedure takes approximately 3-4 hours.

In recent times, more and more people are looking to eyelash transplantation to get the eyelashes they want. Such transplants are relatively new developments but are becoming increasingly popular as women covet the fuller eyelashes popular with celebrities.


Patients’ eyes will be a little delicate for a few days after the procedure before quickly returning to normal. It takes around from 6-12 months for the new lashes to fully grow in and be seen at their best.

What maintenance do the new eyelashes need?

The transplanted eyelashes come from head hair and therefore the new eyelashes grow just like they would on the head. This means that they need to be trimmed regularly, just like head hair. They also need to be curled so that they blend perfectly with the existing natural eyelashes.

“I arrived feeling nervous about the day ahead. But when I was greeted by the team for my operation I was immediately put at ease. Dr Kunnure and his team were second to none in terms of professionalism & Care.  I am looking forward to seeing the result in a few months. Thanks so much.”

 Mike C, Greater Manchester

“I had been researching the FUE procedure for some time & finally decided to take the plunge & book a consultation, I don’t know why I waited so long, Dr Kunnure & his team were excellent & really took time to ensure I got the best out of the operation, the day was long but dare I say fun! With little pain & plenty of comfort breaks, if I needed them, I would recommend the team at Novus to anybody considering a hair transplant.”

 Peter S, Cheshire

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